Sydney wedding videos

Sydney wedding Films

Welcome to Sydney Wedding Productions!

We’re really excited about this new company that will be offering professional, well priced and stunning wedding videos. Although SWP has only been around for a short while our team have many years ¬†of Wedding Filming Experience.

Myself (Sam Robinson) and Edward Bodkin have known each other since we were at school. We both trained to be cameramen and editors and our paths crossed many times over the years at the BBC, Mtv and various Australian TV shows we worked on.

I carried on with my commercial work, but also set up Wild Bunch Weddings on the Sunshine coast, which rapidly became the most awarded and popular Wedding Film company in the area. We used professional equipment to create a unique style and look in the filming an editing process.
Ed who is based in Manly, suggested we bring together a handful of the best cameramen we know and develop the Wild Bunch Weddings technique for couples getting married in Sydney. Something completely unique and fresh that will take the Australian wedding film industry to a whole new level. We are now 100% confident we can offer this service and the great looking films couples end up with.

Contact us today to book, find out what sets us apart or order one of our information packs.

Happy Wedding Planning everybody.

SWP team