Wedding videos Sydney

A Lightweight portable kit is alway handy for weddings especially as the day wears on. Low light feels great when your eating your meals in a restaurant but it doesn’t look great on video. Jere’s a few top tips we’ve learnt:

Simple lighting tips can make a huge difference between what looks like a Hollywood film and a cheap, amateur project. You just have to know some secret techniques.

* Creating a diffused background with a ‘cookie.’ A cookie is a piece of cardboard with random holes cut in it for light to shine through. When the light source is pulled a certain distance away from the cookie, the holes make a unique design against a wall or backdrop of your video. This creates a romantic or soft effect on the wall behind you.

* Key and fill – a key light is the main light source for your subject. The fill is a light from another direction that ‘fills’ in the shadows that the key light makes. When the fill light is only 50% of the brightness of the key, it creates a soft, shadowy dynamic on the subject’s face.

* Backlighting on head and shoulders. A backlight shining down from above onto your subject’s head and shoulders creates a nice three-dimensional effect making a separation from the subject and the wall.

* A slightly lit UV lamp just below the subject’s knees and gently shining up onto their face will eliminate wrinkles and take years off of the subject’s face. Wrinkles create tiny shadows on the face. This can help eliminate them. Even a reflector or a white piece of paper held under the chin will work for close-ups.

* Always diffuse direct lighting with an umbrella reflector, diffuse with a cloth or tissue or bounce the direct light off of a white wall or poster board to remove the ‘hot spots’ and make the lighting seem soft and natural.

Good lighting is not expensive or difficult, it just takes some creative techniques to make the shot look as good as it can. A nice professional video gives your film a serious identity and unique feel.. And it doesn’t take money, it takes knowledge.

Wedding videos Sydney

Lighting a wedding