High Quality Wedding Videography Services in SydneyWhile every video/photographer does things slightly differently there is one thing we all have in common — we want you to love your pictures! The following tips are just a few things that I hope will help you plan for the perfect pictures.

Communication is KEY!
When planning your wedding day, talk with your photographer about expectations, time lines, and what it will take to get the images you are most excited about. Many of the best photographers get great images because their clients work with them to create opportunities to capture those images. The more you communicate with your photographer the better they’ll be able to serve you on your wedding day!

Start the video/photography early:
Not only are prep photos beautiful story telling images they also give you and your bridal party an opportunity to get used to having your picture taken in a low- pressure environment. By the time the portrait session rolls around you’ll be more relaxed and feel more comfortable in front of the camera!

Peter & Rachel - The story edit

Give the photo/videographer an outline of your schedule or wedding plan so they can be anticipate where to set up the next shot.

Wherever you hold the ceremony or reception, have look around to see if there is any particular area you like or that is worth avoiding. The photographer should do this but it always good to have a few ideas. Experienced photographers will have good suggestions for places that look good on print.

Look at one another
When you’re taking your vows or actually being married by the official/priest/salty sea cap’n, take time to actually look at the person you’re marrying. This sounds simple, but you’d be surprised.

Golden Syrup
There is a moment in a day which camera professionals call the ‘champagne hour’, when the light is golden and makes everyone look amazing. It can often be tricky but try and sneak in a few photos if you can.

Disposable Cameras: disposable cameras are pretty cheap and cheerful these days. Why not hand a few out to guests and get them snapping. The photographer will take beautifully composed pictures to cover the event, but there’s always something unique about photo’s between friends.

Sally and Steve- House of Laurels, Maleny

Guest Pictures
Point out the guests who should also be photographed/filmed. Names work well, faces work better.

Shot List
have a look at our ‘essential shot list’ and see if you can think of anything you’d like to add to it. The list is a guideline for photographers. Not every wedding plays out like a film, so be flexible as the photographer should be and it will be great.

Video and Photo
Budgets can sometimes be tight. Talk to the photographers about your budget and lay out the ideal scenario, a way can usually be found. It is worth considering a video/photo combinaton package; they can work out financially better. It’s good to get 2 people that have worked together before.